How I made Flothemes load in less than 1 second… instead of 10s+ (WordPress Speed Optimizations)

      This site was very slow when it first launched it, but, after lots of tweaking, I found a set of plugins and settings which made it much faster. If you have a slow Flothemes photography website built with Flothemes this video is a must watch.

      “Thanks so much. My load time has been reduced from 9 seconds to under 3!!”

      “..lazyloading was clearly a blessing, I’m at 1.44s now .. for a 5MB so happy thanks again :-)”

      “…went from low 50% to 94% on Pingdom, and 94% / 89% on GTmetrix. :-)”

      Video Walkthrough

      Plugins Used

      1. Autoptimize
      2. WP Fastest Cache
      3. a3 Lazy Load

      Speed Tests

      Be Careful

      Please be careful if you already use other speed optimizations or you run lots of script plugins, they can conflict with Autoptimize as it breaks the ‘order’ they’re supposed to load. If you’re having trouble, try using Better WordPress Minify. Like anything, if you don’t know what you’re doing, please make sure you have backed up your website!


      Worked Brilliantly! Thank you so much!