We’ve been together for almost a decade and are completely in love. We eloped in Morocco and have travelled to dozens of cities around the world, taking an uncountable number of photos.

      We’ve eaten food so spicy it even impressed Hunan locals, skinny dipped in secret beaches, had long conversations with Google Translate and too much sake, been chased by an angry mob, gotten lost in a cave system and even made it through food poisoning together…. and still want to hold hands. (That’s true love).

      Adventure is special to us, and Two Blushing Pilgrims is our pursuit of our ideal life – to do what we love full time and make real memories with other people’s love and wanderlust stories. We want to photograph people who feel the same way – madly in love!!!

      Want to go on an adventure? Let’s go!

      Where we’ll be

      Melbourne, Australia
      January 2020

      Queenstown, New Zealand
      February 2020

      Tasmania, Australia
      March 2020

      Auckland, New Zealand (Postponed)
      March 2020

      Samoa (Postponed)
      April 2020

      Bali, Indonesia
      September 2020



      You can’t collect too many memories together

      Will you be sipping poolside cocktails along the Coral Coast of Fiji? Maybe on camelback, watching the sunset over the sand dunes of Dubai. Imagine sharing a New York hotdog (extra ‘kraut), or snorkeling with turtles in the Great Barrier Reef. You might find yourself ATVing through the mountains of Turkey, or maybe you prefer a Spritz aperitif in the promenade of Piza, or getting perfectly golden in Santorini, or bicycling through the streets of Paris with a bottle of wine and a baguette in the basket.

      We will fly, dive, hike up a mountain to a crazy lookout, and rope a cave system with you. We love adventure, and we want to immortalize yours.

      Let’s capture your greatest adventure, one you’ll never forget!