Mike and Farron ‘It was at this exact moment that someone decided to play a sick joke on me and started cutting onions into an industrial fan right behind where this photo was taken.’ See Their Day Scott and La Here’s a recipe for a lit AF wedding: Start with a diamond ring in Italy, add the spice of your wildest friends and family, mix two parts The Secret Garden with one part Turkish Palace, add a pinch of a first look, and a generous slurp of cocktails by twilight, plate with pulsing rainbow neon arches, and finish with a sprinkle with fairy lights. Opulent, modern and exceptionally fun - Scott and La reminded us of one of the fundamental rules of hosting a wedding... You can never have too many fairy lights. See Their Day James and Kate First there was mist - then rain, sleet, and then little snow with feels of -6°C. But fueled with internal fires of passion - and Passion Pop - James and Kate hiked, climbed, scrambled and ran through button grass, yelling STOP to kiss over a super nonchalant wombat. See Their Day Steven and Lisa Flying out of London for a fabulous weekend of revelry in Ravello, Lisa and Steven wed in the ultra luxurious Belmond Hotel Caruso! Known as one of the Amalfi Coast's most exclusive retreats, the 11th-century palace was a fantasy backdrop for us to capture these memories for them in a purely reportage style. Spritz’s in the olive grove, and a first dance by the infinity pool? Perfect! See Their Day Mitch & Jenee One Team, One Dream - the ideals of this total power couple! Together for a decade and having each year better than the last, Jenee and Mitch’s wedding day was completely charged by the happy tears and cheers of the most loving friends and family. Pow! Pow! Pow! See Their Day Francesco & Zoe Tucked away high in the mountains in the tiny town of Scala Amalfi, Zoe and Francesco exchanged vows in the Basilica di Sant Eustachio. What luck to have donkeys join us at the well, and a *very* friendly tomcat enjoying the sun during their ceremony. A perfect finished with a pop of Prosecco overlooking Ravello. See Their Day Oronzo & Laresa Sunshine, lemon granita and a cool summers breeze - this is a honeymoon to remember. From Laresa finding out she's pregnant with twins and announcing it at their wedding, to now enjoying their time in the blue paradise that is Capri - congratulations to this beautiful couple. Soak up this Amalfi Coast moment and remember it forever. See Their Day Nick & Annabelle Have you ever seen more fun at a wedding?! A vivacious bride and vibrant groom - Nick and Annabelle - what a perfect pair tying the knot at Tiffanys. Don't miss the amazing charcuterie (the new house special) and guest appearance by our favorite driver Patrick (best Bentley in Queensland!) See Their Day Matt & Mel Breezy, balmy, beautiful. Sipping on coconuts in the shade with your closest friends and family. Then to top it off a gorgeous flower arbor and bright blue skies. What a stunning wedding day. Matt and Mel - you're peanut butter and jam - meant to be! Thank you so much for having us, so glad to be a part of it. See Their Day Mitch & Alex The Whitsundays are the PERFECT honeymoon destination! We had a blast with Mitch and Alex - swimming on the famous Whitehaven Beach, hiking through Hamilton Island, flying over the Great Barrier Reef in a seaplane, and a sunset on a deserted bay. It was a wild experience, what a thrill to capture these amazing memories for them! See Their Day