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      Christo & Tina's Wedding

      We’re swirling a whiskey in a candlelit bar and swing jazz is playing in the background. Christo and Tina sit across from us, reflecting on their wedding day vision.

      This is the most important question we ask.
      “What do you want to see in your wedding images?”

      “Love. Love everywhere in the room.”

      Planning your Wedding? Let’s make some memories!

      DREAM TEAM!!!!!!!!

      You have us SOBBING. Our eyes aren’t just welling up… our tears are streaming. Every single photo is filled with so much emotion – you guys captured the most incredible moments. Looking through these photos had us re-living that EXACT moment in time with that EXACT feeling.

      We couldn’t feel more blessed to have you guys capture hands down the best day of our lives.

      There are not enough thank you’s in the world!

      Sending you all so much love, dream team! xxx
      Christo & Tina