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      Jesse and Lucy's Wedding

      Our first message from Lucy goes something like: “We’re just signing at the registry. There might be a lunch after. I also have 10 months to find the best hat in the world.”

      Punch play to see plans that escalated for a party with true panache – a world-famous hat that flew business from London, and the unstoppable force that is now dubbed, The Brosas.

      Planning your Wedding? Let’s make some memories!

      To Steph and Maurice, Remember when we thought we’d just go to the registry office to get married? And have a nice lunch? And maybe invite a few family members? Ah, what fools we were! We needed you and you were there. How lucky are we to have you? Our wonderful, talented, generous friends. You made our wedding day goddamn brilliant, and a day doesn’t pass without either of us looking to your photos with joy. Thank you guys. Thank you so much. We are spreading the word of Two Blushing Pilgrims far and wide, so hopefully we’ll see you in The North one day soon. All our love, The Brosa’s

      Jesse and Lucy


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